Price: £24.99 + VAT per Month

What’s Included:

  1. Gas Certificate: Ensuring your boiler meets safety standards and regulations, providing you peace of mind regarding its operation.( Annually)
  2. Full Strip Down Boiler Service: Thorough examination and maintenance of your boiler, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.( Annually as when required)
  3. Standard Boiler Service: Routine check-ups to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate into costly problems. ( Annually)
  4. Warranty Calls Handled: Hassle-free management of warranty-related inquiries or issues, ensuring prompt resolution.(If the boiler was originally installed By OneServ Ltd)
  5. Radiator Bleed And Check (If Required): Ensuring even heat distribution throughout your home by checking and bleeding radiators as necessary.
  6. Carbon Monoxide Test: Crucial safety measure to detect any presence of carbon monoxide, protecting you and your family from potential health hazards.
  7. Central Heating repairs: Repair to your central heating system, including boiler, controls, pipe work, valves, central heating pumps, radiators (non designer- standard only) and hot water cylinder. (Parts and labour are covered under this contract).
  8. Plumbing Cover: Coverage for plumbing-related problems.
  9. Drain Cover: Protection for your drains against unforeseen issues.
  10. 10% Discount for Any Works Required Not Covered Under Contract, Including New Boilers: Enjoy a discounted rate on any additional services or works not included in the contract, including the installation of new boilers.
  11. Priority Response Times: Benefit from expedited response times, ensuring swift assistance and resolution for any boiler-related issues.
  12. Fully inclusive: Parts and labour with a maximum of 8 call outs per contracted year.

What’s Not Included:

  1. Removing Sludge or Scale or Repairing the Damage It Causes to Your System or Boiler: Services related to sludge or scale removal, as well as repairs for damages caused by these issues, are not covered unless specifically indicated as a potential problem by our team.
  2. Showers, fixtures and fittings, Shower Pumps, Sanitary Ware, and Sealant: Exclusions apply to showers and associated components, including shower pumps, sanitary ware, and sealant.
  3. Shared Drains: Services related to shared drains are not covered under the contract.
  4. Faults Caused by Accidental Damage or Third Party: Any faults resulting from accidental damage, third-party interference, design faults and repairs to inaccessible parts are not covered under this in contract.

HeatGuard Plus offers comprehensive coverage for your Central heating system, plumbing and drains , along with priority response times and discounted rates for additional works, ensuring your peace of mind and comfort.